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Phoenix Online Publishing
Dedicated many years of their lives creating the wonderful The Silver Lining game, which is a true labour of
love, and they offer for free.  Now they have several freeware and commercial games under their belt.
AGD Interactive 
A talented team dedicated to recreating classic Sierra adventure games, updating them with today's
standards.  They've also branched out into creating their own adventure games.  
Homestar Runner
Best known for the Strong Bad franchise, this team have created several games and comics centred around the Strong Bad characters.
They have also created a browser-based game which is a parody of King's Quest 1.
Unicorn Tales
A talented team that put together a wonderful demo for the remake of King's Quest IV.  
Infamous Adventures
The wonderful team behind the superb KQ3 VGA version.  
Steve Lingle
Steve converted Kings Quest from from a graphic point & click adventure... to a text adventure. 
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