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This walkthrough was written by Frodo

for The Daventry Chronicles





You begin your adventures outside Crispin‘s house.  


Go SOUTH one screen, and Cedric will comment about the poisonous

snake (blocking exit to the EAST).  Go SOUTH again, and you will be

at the edge of town.  Go EAST, to enter the town.  


Note the barrel at the edge of the alleyway.  LOOK IN BARREL, and

you see an old FISH inside.  TAKE FISH.  There is a man in the alley-

way, trying to fix his wagon - TALK TO MAN, and he‘ll tell you about

the wheel from his wagon.  However, there is nothing you can do to help

him.  Go WEST, and then immediately go EAST again.  The man has

gone, but he dropped a SILVER COIN in the street, so GET COIN.  Have

a look in the shops if you want, but you can’t really do anything useful

right now.  When you’re ready, go WEST to leave town.  


Outside the town, go WEST again to the small cottage.  READ SIGN

to learn that this is a baker.  ENTER COTTAGE and TALK TO MAN,

and select THE HEAD BAKER from the menu.  You automatically buy

a CUSTARD PIE from the baker.  When you are ready, go OUT the



Go WEST twice to the path‘s end.  There is a large black bear here,

and he‘s bothering the bees.  THROW FISH TO BEAR - he takes the

FISH and then trots off.  Queen Beetrice thanks you for saving them

from the bear.  Reach in to the hive, and TAKE HONEY from the bee-

hive (if you go near the bees before dealing with the bear, the bees will

sting you to death).  GET STICK that’s lying on the ground.  


Go NORTH one screen, to the sandcastle.  A large dog is digging in the

anthill, so THROW STICK TO DOG.  The dog grabs the stick, and

leaves.  King Antony is very grateful to you for saving them.  


Go EAST, to the tree house.  Try and talk to the gnomes, but they’re

not  very friendly.  Now go SOUTH to the small country inn.  LOOK

IN HAY STACK - as you do, the ant swarm will come and help you out,

as gratitude for you saving them from the dog.  They find a GOLDEN

NEEDLE (needle in a haystack, hehe), and give it to you.  


Go EAST 3 times, so you are in the town again.  You can do more in

the town now.  ENTER SHOP, and select TAILOR’S SHOP from the

menu.  Note the nice warm CLOAK that’s for sale.  TALK TO SALES

CLERK, and he asks for a gold piece in exchange for the CLOAK.  


CLOAK in return.  When you’re ready, go OUT the shop, so you are in

the town.  


Go WEST 4 times, so you are at the path‘s end, and SAVE YOUR





Now, we want to get to the Temple, which is through the desert, but

you need to drink every so often, or you will die of dehydration.  This is

how to get through the desert.  


From the path‘s end, go WEST 6 times, till you reach the oasis.  

DRINK WATER from the oasis.  Go SOUTH once, and WEST once.  

There’s a skeleton here - GET SHOE.  Go NORTH once and EAST

ONCE.  DRINK WATER from the oasis.  Go NORTH twice and WEST

twice.  You‘ve reached an opening in the cliff, so SAVE YOUR GAME



HIDE BEHIND BOULDER, so the bandits don‘t see you.  Note how

one of the bandits has a STAFF.  They enter the temple carrying a

BAG OF JEWELS… but exit the temple without it.  Then they leave.  

Hmmm, looks like you’re going to need that STAFF if you want to

enter the temple.    There’s a small oasis here, so DRINK WATER from

the oasis.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  


Go SOUTH 3 times and WEST twice.  There’s an oasis here, so DRINK

WATER from oasis.  

Again, go SOUTH 3 times, but now go WEST once, and you find your-

self near two tents.  DRINK WATER from jug.  ENTER SMALL TENT -

there is a bandit here, but he is asleep.  GET STAFF, then go OUT

the tent before the bandit wakes up.  DRINK WATER from the jug,



Go EAST once and NORTH 3 times.  DRINK WATER from the oasis.  

Go NORTH 3 times and EAST twice, so you are back at opening in the

cliff.  DRINK WATER from the oasis.   


Go NORTH to the front of the temple, and SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.

Now you have to be quick here, or you‘ll be trapped in the temple

forever.  USE STAFF ON DOOR to open it then ENTER TEMPLE.  

Quickly GET LAMP and GET COIN, and then go OUT.  Don’t be

tempted by anything else.  


You’re in front of the temple again.  Go SOUTH, and DRINK WATER

from the oasis.  SAVE your game here.  Now go EAST 8 times, until

you reach the northeast clearing.  





Phew, bet you’re glad to be out of that hot desert!  There’s a gypsy

here.  TALK TO GYPSY, and GIVE COIN TO GYPSY, so he’ll let you see

Madame Mushka.  Choose if you want to see the next sequence, or if

you want to skip it.  You’ll get the necessary items regardless.  If you

choose to see the sequence, you’ll see Mordack searching for a way to

turn his brother Manannan back into human form (he’s currently

transformed into a cat).  So THAT’S why Mordack is after your family!  

When sequence is over, Madame Muska gives you an AMULET to

protect you from evil magic.  WEAR AMULET (notice your Inventory

List now indicates it being worn).  


Go EAST to the north pond, and TALK TO TREE to learn her sad story.  

The only way to break her curse, is to find her golden heart, and return it

to her.  


Go EAST again, and then SOUTH to the clearing.  There’s a prince

sitting on a log here.  And he’s not very happy.  TALK TO PRINCE, and

listen to his tale of woe.  Hmm, I wonder if he’s the same prince the

Willow tree told us about?  




Go SOUTH once, to the small cottage.  Now you have to be quick here.  

Go EAST, and you’ll see a cat chasing a rat.  Quickly THROW SHOE

AT CAT to frighten him away, thus saving the rat‘s life.  The rat

thanks you, before scurrying away.  


Now go NORTH twice, to the Dark Forest entrance.  SAVE YOUR

GAME HERE, then walk NORTH into the Dark Forest. 



Let’s go and get the Willow tree’s Golden Heart now.  Since you have

the AMULET from the gypsy fortune teller, you should be safe in here.  

Go WEST, into the next screen.  The witch should show up, and throw

a spell at you.  But thanks to the amulet, the spell has no effect - she‘s

not happy about this.  GIVE LAMP TO WITCH.  She opens it, and get

trapped inside the bottle.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer person, hehe.  


Go NORTH, then EAST.  You see a crude house - this is the witch’s

house.  But you already dealt with her, so she can’t bother you anymore.  

Go NORTH, so you are in the witch’s house.  The witch’s house is very

cramped!  OPEN DRAWER in the dresser, and TAKE POUCH.  OPEN

POUCH to find 3 EMERALDS.  OPEN CHEST by the wall, and TAKE


KEY.  Now go SOUTH, so you are outside the house again.  


Go EAST to the next screen, and you see a strange tree with a little

door built into it’s trunk.  OPEN DOOR to automatically unlock the

door in trunk of the tree.  TAKE HEART from inside the tree.  


Go WEST twice - you should see some eyes peeking out at you from

under a rock.  Try talking to the eyes, but it’s no use.  You’ll have to coax

them out another way.  

DROP HONEY on the ground (leaving you with some WAX), then DROP

EMERALD on the path.  Awww, a cute little elf comes out and grabs

the EMERALD.  Again, DROP EMERALD on the ground, and the elf

comes out again to claim it.  For the 3rd time, DROP EMERALD on

the path.  This time, the elf gets stuck in the honey, so Graham can

catch him.  The elf agrees to show Graham the way out of the forest, if

Graham releases him.  The elf tells Rocky the rock to move out of the

way… and Rocky obediently does so.  What a good little rock!  


Go WEST to find yourself in the elves’ cavern.  Graham kept his word

with the elf, so the elf rewards him with a fine pair of SHOES.  Now

simply go SOUTH to leave the cavern and leave the forest. 





You are outside the dark forest again.  Now you have the gold HEART,

so let’s return it to it’s rightful owner - the Willow tree.  



The willow becomes human again, and the prince & princess are re-

united.  Awww, young love!  TAKE HARP that Willow tree left behind.  


Go SOUTH one screen, to the tree house, and GIVE SPINNING

WHEEL TO OLD GNOME.  The old gnome is glad to get it back, and

explains that it can spin straw into gold.  He gives you a MARIONETTE

in return.  


Go SOUTH once, and EAST 3 times, so you are in the town centre.  

ENTER SHOP, and select TOY SHOP from the menu.  TALK TO MAN

(shop owner) to learn that he’s looking for a very special toy for his

grandson.  GIVE  MARIONETTE TO MAN, and he gives you a SLED in

return.  When you‘re ready, go OUT the shop. 


ENTER SHOP, and select SHOEMAKER‘S SHOP from the menu.  TALK

TO SHOEMAKER - they don‘t have any shoes to sell right now.  Maybe

you could take pity on them?  GIVE SHOES TO SHOEMAKER, and

select THE INTRICATELY MADE SHOES from the menu.  The shoe-

maker and his wife are so grateful to you - the fine shoes you gave

them are enough for them to retire.  He gives you his HAMMER, since

he won‘t need it anymore.  Now go OUT the shop.  


Go WEST 3 times, to the small country Inn.  SAVE YOUR GAME

HERE.  ENTER INN, and select FRONT DOOR from the menu.  Hmm,

this place looks a bit rough.  TALK TO INNKEEPER… him and his

friends rough you up a bit, and leave you tied up in the basement.  

You’re not strong enough to break your bonds.  Wait for a while.  That

rat you saved from the cat earlier comes to your rescue and gnaws

through the rope.  TAKE ROPE from the ground - a good rope is

always handy to have.  LOOK LOCK on the door - there’s no way you

can take that off by hand.  USE HAMMER ON LOCK, and Graham

will smash the lock.  Now go NORTH into the kitchen.  Now OPEN

PANTRY and TAKE LAMB.  Go WEST to leave the inn by the side door

(and not get caught by the innkeeper).  


Go NORTH twice, and then WEST once, so you are back at the north-

eastern clearing.  The gypsies that WERE here, have now gone.  All

that’s left, is a TAMBOURINE.  So TAKE TAMBOURINE.  


Go EAST 3 times, back to Crispin’s house, then SOUTH once to the

town path.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  


There is a poisonous snake on pathway to the EAST.  USE

TAMBOURINE on the snake, to scare it away.  Now the path is clear,

so head EAST to the next screen.  




You’re up in the mountains now, and it’s COLD!  Go NORTH, and then

go UP the mountain path.  But Graham soon begins shivering.  WEAR

CLOAK, and Graham will feel warmer.  Note your Inventory List now

shows it being worn.  When Graham gets hungry, EAT LAMB - you’ll

eat half, and save half.  Now the path ends abruptly here, and it seems

like you can’t go any further.  But notice the rock jutting out about you.  

USE ROPE ON ROCK, and Graham tosses it onto the rock.  CLIMB

ROPE, so you are on the ledge above.  Cedric warns you about that gap

to the EAST, so simply CROSS GAP to get to the other side.  


You’re on the east side of the mountain path now.  Go EAST to next

screen, then RIDE SLED to cross the ramp.  WHHHEEEEE, that was



At base of the slope, go EAST again to the next screen.  You’ll see a

pitiful-looking eagle nearby, so GIVE LAMB TO EAGLE.  After the eagle

flies away, SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  


Go NORTH again, and Graham is confronted by 2 wolves, who take him

to the Ice Witch.  They also trap poor Cedric in a cage.  She’s not

interested in hearing your tale of how you are searching for your lost

family, and she threatens to kill you and Cedric.  You better do

something quick!  PLAY HARP, and Graham begins to play some

beautiful music.  This softens the Ice Witch’s heart a little, and instead

of killing you, she now tasks you with killing a yeti that is living in her

Emerald Cave.  One of the wolves guides you to the cave entrance.  



Go EAST to the yeti’s cave.  The yeti will start chasing you, so THROW

PIE to throw the CUSTARD PIE at the yeti, thus blinding him and

making him stumble off the cliff.  The cave is now yeti-free, so go

NORTH into the cave.  Beautiful crystals sparkle everywhere in the

cave.  TAKE CRYSTAL, and Graham uses his hammer to break the

crystal free, and then take it.  


You’ve done what you came here to do - kill the yeti - so go SOUTH

then WEST, back to the mountain path intersection, where the wolf is

standing guard.  TALK TO WOLF to tell him that the yeti is dead.  He

leads you back to the Ice Witch‘s castle.  Since you completed your task,

she releases you and Cedric, so you are free to go.  She commands her

wolf to take you to the mountain path intersection again.  From there,

you are on your own.  


SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  Go SOUTH to the rocky slope, then climb UP

the slope.  A two-headed Roc (a giant 2-headed bird) swoops down and

grabs Graham.  Now you have to act quickly here.  The Roc takes you to

her nest, as a meal for her egg which is beginning to hatch.  As soon as

you land in the nest, GET LOCKET.  Just when things are looking

desperate, the eagle you fed earlier comes to your rescue, and flies you

to a beach area.  




Phew!  That was TOO close for comfort!  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  On

the beach, TAKE BAR from the sand.  Walk NORTH to the waterfall,

and LOOK IN BOAT.  Oh dear, there‘s a hole in the bottom of this boat.  

USE WAX ON BOAT to stuff the wax into the hole and fix the boat.  

Now maybe we can use the boat to get out of here.  SAVE YOUR



TAKE BOAT to climb in.  Now you’re ready to set sail.  Go SOUTH once

and EAST 4 times.  Finally, you arrive at a small island.  




As you step foot on the island, 3 Harpies swoop down, grab you and

Cedric, and take you up to a narrow ledge.  When they start discussing

you, USE HARP.  They grab the HARP from you, and fly away, leaving

you free to figure out your next move.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE


When the Harpies are gone, notice the FISHING HOOK nearby.  TAKE

HOOK to pick it up.  Now go SOUTH, and you see Cedric beaten up

pretty badly.  Poor little guy!  TAKE CEDRIC to pick him up and carry him

with you.  


Go SOUTH again - this is where you arrived on the island.  A large

conch shell rests on the sand, so LOOK SHELL and TAKE SHELL.  Now



TAKE BOAT, and sail WEST 4 times.  





You are back at the beach now, where the eagle dropped you off.  Go

SOUTH to a small house and LOOK HOUSE.  Now RING BELL, and

an old man (a hermit) appears at the door, but he can’t hear anything

you say.  


If necessary, RING BELL again.  When the old man appears, GIVE

SHELL TO MAN.  He can hear you now.  TALK TO MAN, and tell him

about Cedric getting injured.  The old man invites you in and agrees to

treat Cedric.  And sure enough, as you and the old man talk, Cedric

begins to recover.  Soon, he’s fighting fit again.  The old man enlists

the help of his mermaid friend to take you to Mordack’s island.





A few hours later, you arrive on the beach of a dark island - Mordack’s



TAKE FISH, which was lying nearby, then go NORTH to the path.  Two

dragon statues loom over the path as though guarding it.  And their

eye glow brighter as you approach.  USE CRYSTAL ON DRAGON to

short circuit the lasers in the statues.  Now go NORTH to the next



Mordack’s castle is right in front of you.  Your family lies beyond those

doors.  You HAVE to rescue them.  But… the drawbridge is up… you

can’t get in.  Looks like you’ll have to find another way inside the castle.  


Go WEST to the path at side of the castle.  Hmmm, this seems to be a

dead-end.  All that’s here, is a grate in the stone platform.  LOOK

GRATE, and OPEN GRATE.  Ah-ha!  A way in!  Climb DOWN through

the grate, to find yourself in a dark maze.





SAVE YOUR GAME HERE. This is a horrible maze, but here’s how to get

through it: 

As soon as you enter the maze…


A creature should be here, so LOOK CREATURE.  He seems tame.  If

the creature is not here, simply go SOUTH, then NORTH again, and he

will show up.  USE TAMBOURINE for the creature, and it becomes very

interested, before snatching the tambourine and bounding away.  As he

does so, a HAIRPIN flies from his back and lands on the floor, so GET


Go EAST (this is where you entered the maze)

You’ve reached a dark, gloomy room with a door.  OPEN DOOR, and you

use the HAIRPIN to pick the lock.  When you open the door, you find

yourself in a pantry below the castle.  






You made it through the maze, and into the pantry.  OPEN CABINET

and TAKE PEAS.  Go NORTH into the kitchen.  There is a slave girl here,

so LOOK GIRL and TALK TO GIRL.  She seems very nervous, however,

so maybe there’s a way to gain her trust?  GIVE LOCKET TO GIRL - she

takes the LOCKET.  


Now she trusts you, she confides in you how Mordack kidnapped her

long ago.  She goes on to tell you that she is Princess Cassima from

Land Of The Green Isles.  She also tells you that she’s seen your castle

and your family, but they’ve been shrunken down and trapped inside a

glass jar, and are being kept in the lab upstairs.  When conversation is



Walk EAST into the organ room, but resist temptation to play the

organ.  Continue EAST into the dining room, and wait a few moments.  

A strange blue creature should appear, and charge at you - let it throw

you in the dungeon.  



but you can’t get your hand inside the hole.  Never mind, USE HOOK

ON CHEESE to take it, instead.  


After a few moments, Cassima will appear.  She knows the tunnels, and

all the secrets entrances down here better than anyone.  SAVE YOUR

GAME HERE, then follow her WEST into the dungeon.  She leads you

through the dungeon maze, back into the pantry.  She can only help you

once, though, so don‘t get caught again.  

Walk NORTH into the kitchen, then EAST twice into the dining room,

and SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  Wait for the strange blue creature to

show up again, but this time, DROP PEAS, and you will sprinkle the

dried peas all over the floor, making the creature slip. 


Well that’s the blue creature temporary taken care of, but you should

get out of here before it wakes up.  Just remember to keep your eye out

for Manannan the cat.  You have to find him, and make sure he doesn’t

alert Mordack to your presence.  So you need to find that cat.  SAVE



From the dining room, walk SOUTH, and then WEST to the treasure



Manannan the cat could appear at any moment now, , in any room, so

be prepared!  You have to stop him, before he alerts Mordack.  When-

ever you see him, quickly THROW FISH at the cat to distract him, then

USE EMPTY BAG ON CAT to capture him.  Nice work.  


Now, in the treasure room, notice the large staircase here.  Climb UP

stairs to the First Floor.  Head WEST into Mordack’s bedroom, and



Walk SOUTH into the library.  Don’t waste your time looking at the

bookshelf, you don’t understand the books anyway.  However, there is

an opened book lying on the desk in the foreground - READ BOOK.  It

contains 4 spells that will prove useful later on.  


Now SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  You can see Mordack’s bedroom from

here.  Wait until you see Mordack entering and going to sleep.  Creep

NORTH into his bedroom.  Now TAKE WAND from the nightstand.  


Walk EAST twice, so you are in the lab.  Climb UP the stairs, and SAVE

YOUR GAME HERE.  That’s a very strange contraption you see here.  

Maybe you could use somehow to transfer power from MORDACK’S

WAND, to CRISPIN’S WAND?  LOOK MACHINE to get a description of



USE CRISPIN’S WAND ON MACHINE, and you place the wand in an

empty tray on the machine.  USE MORDACK’S WAND ON MACHINE,

and you place that wand in the other tray.  USE CHEESE ON MACHINE

to power it up (don’t ask!).  


Your plan worked!  Crispin’s wand is now pulsing with energy, while

Mordack’s wand barely glows.  Now TAKE WAND, and selece

CRISPIN’S WAND from the menu.  


Moments later, Mordack appears in the lab downstairs, and he is clearly

not happy.  With a wave of his hand, he summons his own wand back to

his hand.  He tries to zap you, but zaps Cedric instead.  


Now begins a magical duel.  And you have to win!  The lives of your

family, as well as Cedric, depend on you.  


In a fit of anger, Mordack turns himself into a large flying insect.  You

can counter it, as long as your read that BOOK in the library.  CAST

SPELL, and select TIGER SPELL from the menu.  


Next, Mordack transforms into a dragon.  CAST SPELL, and select

RABBIT SPELL from the menu to counteract him.  


Then he transforms into a cobra.  CAST SPELL, and select WEASEL

SPELL from the menu to counteract him.  

Lastly, he traps you in a ring of fire,  CAST SPELL, and select RAIN

SPELL from the menu (you need to scroll down to see it) to counteract



Well, that’s the end of Mordack!  


Read through the ending, as Crispin arrives, un-shrinks everyone, and

sends everyone back home again.  I somehow ended up with 263 points

out of 260, but hey, what’s an extra 3 points between friends?  


Congratulations Graham, you are a hero once again.  



The End. 






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